Super Bowl 2016

We are pretty familiar with the word “SUPER BOWL”. If you have no information about this then you are definitely going to know everything about it at the end of this article. The Super Bowl is a yearly championship game of the NFL or the National Football League. It is the highest level of football championship that is played in the United States. It generally begins in the late summer. The last Super Bowl game was played on February 1, 2015. It was the 49th Super Bowl held. This makes the upcoming super Bowl 2016 very exciting as because it is the 50th super bowl league.

The Super Bowl Sunday is the second big day in the United States celebrations. It is the day considered for sitting back, enjoying with friends, yelling at the players, cheering for the team, all while enjoying snacks and drinks. It is the time when fans not only from the inaugurating country but from all around the world stick to the TV to see the match between their favourites. Money flow like water, people don’t care about the money they spend on the tickets or for watching the match, or either betting on the games.

The Super Bowl started with a faceoff between the older NFL and the younger AFL and later the championship became the emergence of two big leagues the NFC or the National Football Conference and the AFC or the American Football Conference. Both the NFC and the AFC are very close in skills, and the competition is always neck to neck. Having won almost equal number of matches both the teams have lots and lots of fans around the world.

Home field advantages and the wild card entries play a very important role in the super bowl they are determined through the year. There are four groups or divisions and the champion from each division gets to move up the Super Bowl and the wild card teams are the ones that couldn’t make up to the final because of minor glitches.

After every season, the play offs for the Super Bowl begin where the champion team’s fight against the ones who are of their level and the wild card teams play with the lower ranked teams. The champion teams do have the home field advantages which the wild card teams don’t. Despite the fact till now four wild card teams have to the finals and won it.

The first match of the championship ever played was between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, which later became a permanent holiday for America. There are most notable teams who have won the championship from the beginning of the highly anticipated, highly publicized and most charged sporting event. The winner of this championship does not only take the world cup title, fancy rings and tons of prestige but also the trophy, Vice Lombardi Trophy. It is named after the coach of the Green bay packers during their peak season and considered a legend. The next Super Bowl championship is estimated to be the best championship till now, find out when is super bowl 2016, be ready with your football jersey to cheer your favourite teams and feel the excitement of the matches.


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