Hotels and Resorts in Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule, a small village located at the coast of the Konkan region. It is situated in Maharashtra, in the sub-continent of India, villages like Jaigad, Malgund and Velneshwar are its neighbour. Ganpatipule is known for the series of beaches that connect the village to the sea. They provide a beautiful scenic beauty and lots of people are found to visit the beach time and again. The Ganpatipule temple on the beach is the major attraction of the village as most pilgrims are found to visit it every year mostly at the time of Maha Shivratri fair.

Though it is a small town with a very small amount of houses, it is one of the main attractions for the tourists in India. It has an amazing beach views along the Konkan Coast, which becomes a major spot for the pilgrims, peace and beach lovers. Along with the beaches that Ganpatipule has there are temples that are visited by thousands of people every year such as the Swayambhu and the Paschim Dwarpalak. People who visit Ganpatipule make it a must to visit these temples and pay their respect to the deities.

There are various other temples and places in the radius of around 35km from Ganpatipule that also is known to see a lot of visitors every year. One of such places is the Velneshwar, which is situated on the north of the Shastri River which is known for its peaceful beach. Every Year during Maha Shivratri a lot of pilgrims are found walking around and visiting the Old Shiva Temple. The construction of the Temple has a very interesting story about a fisherman which can be heard by any of the local people. Other places may include the Ratnagiri which also has a brief history and mentioned as a part of the Indian Mytology.

Now when anyone gets to know about such places the first thing they need to confirm is, what are the accommodation facility in there? Well there are a number of hotels in Ganpatipule that can be availed by you. Certainly you don’t have to go anywhere else to look for accommodation as we provide you with the best list of rental packages, also give you the lists of the hotels and resorts in Ganpatipule, best resorts mind you!!!

You always go for the hotels that provide you with maximum facilities and charge you with the minimum price. This is actually possible if you are looking for hotels in Ganpatipule. The Ganpatipule resorts mentioned on our websites have been thoroughly viewed and approved by us. We also provide you with the details of the discounted deals and offers provide by the resorts and hotel. We provide you with hotels closest to the tourist’s spots that offer comfortable stays too. It may be a 5 star hotel, 4 star hotel, or a limited budget stay we will provide you with the best available option in an around Ganpatipule. If you are going to have a tour to Ganpatipule and you know whom to plan your trip with to have the best enjoyment.


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